We are excited to announce that we will be releasing a new version on the 17th November 2019.  We have also taken the decision to roll-out this version to every customer which will be done out of hours and will start on the 18/11/2019 and finish just before Xmas holidays.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be contacting all Bodyshops to advise of the upgrade but due to the scale of the Roll-Out we wont’t be-able to give you a specific day when your upgrade will take place. You will know when you have been upgraded though as when you login to the system youwill be asked to upgrade your client.

Below you will see a list of features that have been included in this release and we have also worked hard on the stability of the system.

Please download the correct document for the version that you are currently on which can be found in EMACS / Main Functions /About.

Please Download For Complete List Of Changes if you are on V7

Please Download For Complete List Of Changes if you are on V8

Please make sure that all EMACS users receive a copy of the List Of Changes.

Some of the System Changes

  1. New Home Screen – Colour Configuration
    We have freshened up the front home screen with the new development tools allowing us to make more modern changes to the system and other screens within in the system. You can now select what colours you want your graph screen to be so they more suit your company brand.
  2. Multiple Workshop / Reporting
    Improvements have been made to the way we handle multiple workshops throughout the whole system. We have added workshops to most of the reports and also added the ability to assign members of staff to certain workshops.
  3. eTRAC v2 (Workshop Machines & Online Time Maintenance)
    The clocking on program has been totally re-built to make it more secure and also enable the data to be encrypted. We have also added Multiple Workshops, so that only the people working in workshop 1 for example are shown on the workshop machine in workshop 1. (some older workshop machines will not be-able to upgrade to this version until you upgrade the workshop machine)
  4. Status Panels with Multiple Workshops
    In the past when multiple workshops were switched on for your site we would also need to replicate all the status panels for each workshop. We have re-worked the way this now works so the status panels now look at the workshop you are in and show you the results automatically from the 1 set of status panels. This will help with performance and speed.
  5. E-LINC Importer Tool
    If you are linked to CAPS then you will most likely be already using our E-LINC Importer Tool. This tool can now be accessed direct from the graph screen by clicking the CAPS /E-LINC button on the left. If you have access on your User set up to import jobs from CAPS then you will have this option which will install the software and always keep it up to date when the main server gets updated.
  6. GT Motive / JARVIS Estimating System
    We now have a direct link with the JARVIS system so you can import and export estimates in the same way as you do with Audatex estimates.
  7. Parts Quote System (Business Manager Only)
    The ability to get parts quote from some of the major providers of parts like Euro Car Parts and Prasco Parts is now built into EMACS on the parts Tab.
    Requesting the parts connection is done through CAPS and once your connection is approved you can start getting quotes for your parts automatically for jobs that have been imported, or you can manually request a parts quote.

After Upgrade Optimize

After the upgrade, one of our technicians will dial into the system and start to fine tune status panels to make sure they are running as fast as possible.
They will also look into the possibility of getting you moved over to the new eTRAC v2 system for Online Time Maintenance. If they can get access to the workshop machines and they are capable of handling the install of the new system then they will proceed to get you upgraded and fully switched over.