Upminster Panelcraft have been in business since 1969 and is PAS125 accredited. They have 10 productives and repair around 30 cars a week, from their 8,000 sq ft workshop.

Ben Webb, Bodyshop Managed looked at several systems before choosing EMACS.  “I felt that EMACS was the most user-friendly and did the most for the company. It doesn’t just run the workshop it actually runs the business as a whole.”

“You do have to have procedures in place to make sure the system works efficiently, but as with any system it is only as good as the people putting the information into it. One of the nice features of EMACS is that it will warn you if  jobs are running behind or if there is a problem. If something hasn’t happened that should of, it flags it up in front of you, so that it can be rectified.”

“We are operating far more efficiently as a company. It makes the day to day running of the business a more straightforward process that everyone can understand. So if we have one member of staff off sick, for example, someone else can cover that job because there is one procedure in place for doing that specific operation.”

“The parts people think it is absolutely fantastic especially for monitoring the returns side of things. The system also informs the productives when the parts are due in, when they have arrived and the location of where the parts are being kept.”

“For me personally what I most like about EMACS is the reporting side of things. I can access information regarding what is happening in the workshop at any given moment. One click of a button and I am there. The morning walk around report is amazing and makes my life so much easier. The report gives you a print out and tells you what stage every vehicle on the premises is at, In the morning I can walk around with that information and relay to the guys this is what is going on, this is what is happening next, this is where we need to be and for me that’s fantastic, an excellent tool. We’ve changed for the better in having EMACS.”

“I would also like to say that no matter what day, night and even weekends, the EMACS team are only a phone call away and are only too happy to help.”

Upminster Panel CraftBen Webb - Bodyshop ManagerBasildon, Essex
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