I have to say since EMACS was introduced to us nearly 10 year ago and the bodyshop has never looked back with regards to general running and operation.

Our bodyshop controller at the time was so set in his ways we didn’t have anything computerised as far as a management system was concerned, we worked off a written diary from WIP to courtesy cars. You guys had to wrestle that diary away but once he and we got into the swing of it, it certainly made life a whole lot easier! Even though over the years the personnel here and the industry in general have gone through some great changes, one thing that’s stood the test of time and improved with it is the EMACS system.

Right from Alan at the helm to the guys on the front line nothing is ever a bother and the support is always there 100%. I can’t thank you all enough for all your help and support over the years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work.

Springfield Motor GroupMarc Madden - Bodyshop ManagerTyne & Wear
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