The team at EMACS have been very helpful throughout our learning experience. Nothing has been a problem for the guys.

What prompted you to seek EMACS’s services?
I had used EMACS in a previous employment before owning my own company.

What situation or problem did you need to solve?
Properly monitoring various areas within the business, productivity, parts and general admin etc.

Why did you specifically select EMACS as your Bodyshop Management System provider?
I believe it to be the best and most user friendly.

What made you believe that EMACS was the best for achieving your desired result?
Ease of use and my previous experience using Emacs. I knew it worked and it wasn’t just a gimmick like other management systems out there.

What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from working with EMACS?
Being able to monitor productivity, parts purchasing, reminders, keep track of supplementary work and also the imaging side of the app is really good for the staff to capture images during repair stages. They upload automatically onto the management system without having send a VDA round the workshop looking at all the jobs or having to upload the images from a memory card.

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