Technical Prerequisites Document

Network Speed

Minimum network speed required is 100MB.


Network points and power supply

Prior to the hardware installation please ensure there are CAT5 network points and power supply sockets available at the location(s) that you would like your hardware:

EMACS server
eTRAC – EMACS time recording unit(s).
Network Colour Printer
Network Scanner/Printer/Fax

Client PC’s

All client PC’s must be Windows 7  or newer operating system and have a minimum of 2GB of Memory (4GB recommended)



As part of your installation we will be installing our revolutionary mobile application ARC-AiDE.
You will need to have sufficient Wi-Fi access throughout the bodyshop and ensure that the Wi-Fi is on the same network as our server.


Anti-Virus Software

EMACS server PC’s do NOT come with anti-virus software installed. It is your responsibility to ensure that your IT department installs and maintains sufficient anti-virus software.


Importing Paint Costs

To allow us to import paint costs the paint mixing PC’s must be on your network and the mixes exported to a shared location that can be viewable over the network (speak to the paint suppliers as they may have to update their software in order to export the data we require).

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