Bodyshop Manager

Perfect if you are a franchised bodyshop and using a Dealer Management System (DMS)

If you are a franchised bodyshop and using a Dealer Management System (DMS) for job card creation and customer invoicing, then EMACS Bodyshop Manager is the ideal solution to enable you to load your shop to maximum capacity. Through making optimum use of your labour resources and courtesy cars, you can increase your profits and improve your levels of customer care.
EMACS Bodyshop Manager typically pays for itself within three months of installation.

Features Overview

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Workshop Loading

Loading of the workshop correctly is the most important part of your business. After all, if you get this wrong and have idle time, it could potentially cost you £50+ per hour of lost revenue sales per productive.


  • Maximise your profit through a minute-by-minute picture of the health of your business.
  • Have full visibility of your available resources.
  • Load your bodyshop to full capacity.
  • Meet your promise times and improve on customer care.
  • Identify and minimise ‘Idle Time’
  • Unique Optimum Booking Date tool that looks at Labour Resource, Courtesy car and parts availability.
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Workshop Time Recording

Workshop Time Recording

Workshop Time Recording

With our eTrac (Electronic Time Recording & Control) units, clocking onto jobs has never been easier. The ability to see the details, images and parts status of your job, aids the efficiency of your productives.


  • The ability to view images of any vehicle damage and repair methodology,  which is then recorded as viewed on the job card. This process is perfect for PAS 125 / BS10125 auditing purposes.
  • Automatic production of detailed timesheets.
  • Automated warnings at certain stages of repair (by work provider), to take images in strip, prep etc.
  • Supplementary requests can also be added to the job from the eTrac unit, and sent to any individual estimator to be approved or denied.

Control Report

Want a T-Card board that moves itself?  Welcome to the Control Report. The ‘Live’ report displays the current status of all the repairs booked in, who is working on it, how much time is left in each stage, and much, much more.


  • Warns you in advance any jobs that will not meet their promise times.
  • One click and you are straight onto the job.
  • Fully customisable to give you the information you require. (eg. show vehicles of a specific work provider)
  • The ability to save the reports and make private so only you can see the report.
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