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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions that we are asked by bodyshop owners and employees.
We are constantly adding more questions and answers to the list but we dont want you to think that you cannot get in touch and ask us direct.

If you have questions that are not answered here then give us a call on 01924 463419.

EMACS is a computerised bodyshop loading system that calculates and controls all aspects of loading a bodyshop. Based on the constantly changing labour resource available in the different labour groups as well as the availability of parts and courtesy cars. No job can be overbooked and the system automatically calculates utilisation, efficiency and productivity as well as warning of jobs in danger of failing promise times.

The major difference between EMACS and other management systems is that our products can tell you what you can do and when you can do it, where as other systems tell you what you did and when you did it. Most people are unaware of their current resource and usually have to maintain and fund a larger fleet of courtesy cars than they need because of their inability to load and achieve promise times.

The accurate loading of the bodyshop helps to eliminate idle time, failing on promise times and disappointing customers.
Our Optimum Booking Tool takes all the guess work out of loading your bodyshop and looks at hours on the job, courtesy car resource if required and efficiency of the workshop. You are then given a date to bring the car on-site and a ECD.
We understand that sometimes a car must be brought on-site straight away so you can tell the system when you are wanting to bring the car on-site and your Booking Tool will give you a realistic ECD.

EMACS is the preferred partner for providing bodyshop solutions for BMW Approved Bodyshops, Mercedes-Benz, Citroën & Toyota. We work closely with all vehicle manufacturers to make sure that our customers can provide the right reports for their approvals.

For full details of the system requirements including computers and network please see Technical Prerequisites Document available by clicking here.


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