We are pleased to announce the latest version upgrade to v7.01s in which we have added some new awaited features and also some bug fixes.

New release is available for the following software – Business Manager & Bodyshop Manager

This release is part of our major roll out to comply with AudaConnect GDPR 2018 Compliance. Due to the scale of the upgrades we will be upgrading all Bodyshops through the night so we do not disturb your working day.

All Bodyshops will be receiving a seperate email to explain in full the procedure on moving over onto this new version and being switched over to use the new AudaConnect system.

If you have any problems upgrading please contact us.

Download Upgrade Documents

Latest Features – *** indicates Business Manager Only ***

  1.  New Import from Repair Estimate (New Glasmatix)
    We have written a new import facility from the new Repair Estimate estimating system which has recently replaced the old Glasmatix estimating system. Please give us a call so we can set this up if you are using the new Repair Estimate estimating system.
  2. Direct Link to FixAuto
    We now have the facility to automatically update FixAuto via Bodyshop Manager or Business Manager for any new customers or existing customers who choose to go FixAuto.
  3. Upgraded Database to 64bit (4.43 build 3)
    We have upgraded the Database software for the majority of our sites who are using 64bit servers, to improve memory and speed issues. This should help reduce disconnected sessions in the database which can cause the system to stop refreshing.
  4. Speed Improvementsto the Job Card
    We have made improvements to the speed that the job card loads and saves as this had slowed down due to the merge of the estimate and job all onto one screen. We have managed to improve the way the jobs load so you should see an improvement in speed when going in and out of jobs.
  5. Updated Desktop Icons
    We have updated the EMACS desktop icons as they had pixelated on 64bit operating systems.
  6. New Import from Lechlar / Valspar
    We can now import paint costs from the new Valspar software.
  7. AudaConnect GDPR 2018 Compliance
    We have now built in the latest AudaConnect API which allows Audatex and EMACS to talk directly with each other rather than exporting to a location on your PC.
  8. ***Duplicate Estimates / Parts Facility (BUSINESS MANAGER ONLY)***
    This feature has been designed mainly for our commercial sites that do multiple builds/manufacturing jobs, allowing sites to quickly create multiple estimates with the same repair details, parts and other charges for example. Please let me know if you wish to have this feature turned on.

Bug Fixes

We have made various bug fixes in this release which were reported by customers. Some of the main bugs that we have fixed are listed below.

  • KPI Details randomly only loading half a screen.
  • Initial Due In / Due Out F1 Comments are now recorded.
  • Emailing from the customer tab link fixed.
  • Jobs that had been flagged as Finished which defaulted to not finished – Extra checks in place to ensure it stays flagged as Finished.
  • Random ‘User ID’ against ‘Workshop’ F1 Comments for bookings issue fixed.
  • EMACS Splash screen now shows patch version.
  • When entering manual F1 comments by pressing F9, the note sometimes would not insert and you had to click ‘Add Note’ instead, this is now fixed.
  • Workshop Timesheet printing not matching workshop timesheet view fixed.
  • Issue where scanned images not showing up on Estimates that have been flagged as onsite.
  • Job Historywas not showing estimate F1 Comments.
  • Email settings not picked up after upgrade will now pick up your email client on first launch.
  • Fixes to Annual Attendance Analysis not displaying correctly for staff who had any remaining holidays for the previous year.
  • DVLA Link has now been fixed which stopped working due to a change to the DVLA website.
  • Other Charges going into minus hours fixed.
  • Fixes to the KPI Report.
  • Various other small bug fixes.



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