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Installation & Makeover

No matter how desirable a new product or service sounds, it is only natural to worry about the potential disruption of changing to a new system.

Rest assured though, EMACS will manage the change; and disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum as installations take place over a weekend so as not to impact on your business operations.



EMACS Support Team are always on hand to give you the best help and advice at all times.

24/7 Support. Install Teams mobile numbers are built into software.

Remote Assistance so we can dial into your PC and give you hands on support.

Support given not just on the system but also bodyshop best practice.



Clock productives on and off, update jobs, reminders, take images and process collections and deliveries and much more with our revolutionary app for iPod / iPhone / iPad / android devices.


"In this day and age it's all too easy to mistake being busy for being profitable."

Alan Hargreaves

Misleading signs of bodyshop health typically include: a full car park, several cars awaiting estimate, all of your courtesy cars out on loan and a backlog of jobs waiting to be invoiced.
In reality, you may be struggling – but you’re too busy to notice!
Key Features

We believe we have the best Bodyshop Management System on the market. Have a look at some of the key features that makes EMACS the Repairers’ Choice.

Products Overview
Workshop Loading

Facility to load the workshop using our unique tool called Optimum Booking Date. Giving accurate due in/out dates based on current work in progress levels and advance bookings, achieving a higher percentage of vehicles out on time.

Workshop Time Recording

Productive clocking’s become more accurate and transparent, no more time spent analysing time sheets with the potential of false bonus claims. EMACS time records are accepted by manufacturers for warranty audit procedures.

Live Control Report

This ‘Live’ report displays the current status of all the repairs booked in, who is working on it, and the time remaining in each stage and much much more. One click on a job and your straight into the job card giving you total control.

Image & Document Storage

All imported estimate images and any additional (extra damage / supplementary request) images can be viewed direct from the job on all client PC’s and in the workshop. Scan all hard copy documents direct to job saving precious office space.

Bespoke Reporting System

We have all the reporting you can possible think of and more. KPI Reports, Timesheet Reports, WIP, Job Profit Reports, Detailed Job History, Booked & Sold Hours Analysis Reports are just a handful. We can create any report you need.

Features Galore & More

More features include :- Opinion Time Estimating – Import/Export to all Major Estimating Systems – Total Parts, Stock/Consumables Control – Internal Messaging System – Courtesy Car Control – Status Panels. Too many features to list.

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EMACS Upgrade V8.1.6.5
EMACS Upgrade V8.1.6.5

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2019 Aiden Moffat Sponsorship
2019 Aiden Moffat Sponsorship

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ABP Awards 2018 - 10 Year Running
ABP Awards 2018 – 10 Year Running

Once again EMACS has been voted the favourite management system in the ABP Club Repairers’ Choice Awards. It is the eighth year in a row that EMACS has won this category – an incredible endorsement ….

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